Friday, January 9, 2009

Etsy find of the day!

Oh, what a creative way to use ceramics! I love everything here :) In jewelry, of course. Check out this most elegant etsy shop-

Nancy E. Schindler is the lady behind roundrabbit.

All of her porcelain jewelry is hand-crafted from start to finish by me. In an effort to be fresh, unique and original she makes all of her own molds (with the exception of just a few irresistibles) and she forms, glazes and finishes each piece by hand. NONE of her work is slip cast - each piece starts life as porcelain clay. Glazing is her passion and she takes extreme delight in experimenting with different combinations and firing techniques - as a result many of the glazes you see on the larger oval and round pendants will not be replicated identically. So if you see something and you like it you better grab it fast!

You can also find her blog at http://http//

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