Thursday, January 15, 2009

Etsy Find of The Day! Sugar Smitten!!

Wow is all I can say when I happened upon this shop! What wonderful treats offered here :)

You can find them here at
Here is her wonderful profile!

Hello! My name is Heather Cheney, I am the owner and primary operator of Sugar Smitten Sweets and Mommy to the sweetest 2 year old girl ever! Sugar Smitten is a small cake decorating business that specializes in creative and unique cakes and desserts. I personally do the majority of the baking and decorating and am occasionally assisted by my husband, for some of the crazier tasks.I've been decorating cakes for the last 5 years and have loved the challenge and reward it is to create cakes that really stand out in a crowd. Check out my bakery website at www.sugarsmitten.comHere on Etsy I want to have some fun. I love decorating cakes, but those get a bit tricky to ship across the world. So I've decided to feature unique and delicious desserts and whimsical gifts. Be assured that all edibles are handmade in a fully licensed commercial kitchen with the utmost care and concern for health and safety. I love what I do and selling on Etsy gives me an opportunity to get my little creations out there and gives me a chance to spend more time at home with my daughter. Enjoy!

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